Beacon Instructions


  1. Mount the Beacon to the bicycle using standard mounting brackets.  The Beacon uses a standard 10mm mounting tab and is compatible with mounting hardware from Schmidt, B&M, Supernova, etc.  Many options are available from Peter White Cycles, among other bike shops: 
  2. Connect the long cable from the bottom of the Beacon to the dynamo.  The wires can be connected in either polarity. More information about connecting to the dynamo is available here: 
    Dynamo Hub FAQ
  3. The short cable from the bottom can be connected to a taillight.  See this page for more information about compatibility with various dynamo taillights:
    Beacon Taillight Compatibility
  4. The Beacon taillight output is DC.  The "striped" taillight wire is the positive lead.  This should only matter when connecting to a DC taillight like the Supernova E3 or Exposure RedEye.  For most taillights (B&M, Schmidt, etc) you can connect in either polarity.
  5. Be careful to prevent the taillight wires from shorting together or shorting to the bicycle frame.  Heat shrink tubing or electrical tape can be useful for this.  If not using a taillight the exposed ends of the taillight wires should be clipped off.
  6. If using a USB battery pack to power the Beacon, use the USB-to-DC cable to connect the battery to the barrel connector on the back of the Beacon.


  1. Setting the toggle switch in the middle position turns the light off.  The USB charger is active in this mode.  As no power is used by the light, the best USB charger performance will be available in this mode.
  2. Setting the toggle switch in the up position enables full brightness for the light, both from the dynamo and external battery.  The USB charger will remain active in this mode; however, we generally recommend not using the charger in this mode.
  3. Setting the toggle switch in the down position enables "Charger Priority Mode".  This mode is designed to optimize charger performance while reserving enough power for a "be seen" light.  Therefore, it is recommended to use this mode as a daytime running light, or as a "be seen" light in an otherwise illuminated area.  We recommend using just the light and unplugging from the USB if relying on the light for illumination at night.  
    This is a low brightness setting when using a USB battery pack - this can be ideal for riding when less brightness is required or even to illuminate a campsite.