Beacon 1 taillight compatibility

The Beacon 1 is compatible with most dynamo taillights, with the requirement that they do not ground to the bicycle frame.  Compatible taillights include:

  • Schmidt SON
  • B&M Secula
  • B&M Micro
  • B&M Toplight (see below regarding 'Brake' version)
  • Supernova E3 (with series resistor, see below)
    • The E3 does not contain a standlight capacitor.  Therefore the Beacon 1, but not the E3 taillight, will remain on when stopped.
  • Exposure RedEye (with series resistor, see below)
    • The RedEye does not contain a standlight capacitor.  Therefore the Beacon 1, but not the RedEye taillight, will remain on when stopped.

Many other taillights are compatible.  Please contact us if you have any questions about a particular taillight.

Supernova E3 taillight

The below only applies to Beacon 1.  A resistor is not needed when using Beacon 2.

The Beacon 1 IS compatible with the Supernova E3 Taillight, although an extra 60Ω resistor should be wired in series between the Beacon 1 and the E3.  We have that resistor available here:
The E3 is designed to work with the 6V output of a Supernova headlight.  The resistor adapts it to the higher voltage of the Beacon 1 and causes the E3 to draw the same amount of power it would from a Supernova headlight.  The E3 will work without the resistor but it will draw more power than it was designed for and will take more power away from the headlight.  The resistor can be installed anywhere between the Beacon 1 and E3; if riding over rough terrain it may help to secure it somewhere along the frame.

Also note that the E3 does not contain its own standlight so it will not remain illuminated when the bike is stopped.

Resistor/E3 installation drawing

Exposure RedEye taillight

The Exposure RedEye can be used with the Beacon 1, although a 150Ω resistor is required to be wired in series between the Beacon 1 and the RedEye.  Unlike the Supernova E3, where the resistor is a strong recommendation, it is a requirement for the RedEye - without it, the RedEye will short out the Beacon 1 and put far too much power into the taillight.  A resistor rated for at least 1W is recommended.  

B&M BrakeTec taillights

We have heard of some issues with the B&M Toplight Line Brake Plus.  This taillight monitors the AC signal from the dynamo and blinks when it detects the bike slowing down quickly.  Due to the Beacon 1's DC taillight output the expectation is that the Brake feature will not work but the rest of the light will operate normally.  However, it appears that the taillight 'times out' after some period without seeing an AC signal and turns the taillight off.  If using a Toplight Line taillight, we recommend avoiding the Brake version, if possible.