Beacon Headlight FAQ

 What input power options are available?

    The Beacon can be powered by a dynamo, an external USB battery pack, or both.  An external USB battery can be connected using the barrel connector on the back of the light.  A USB-to-barrel cable is available.  The external battery will maintain high brightness and steady output, even when stopped.  When you begin riding, the power from the dynamo will begin to replace the power from the battery until you reach a speed where the dynamo is able to provide all of the power, and the battery is no longer used.  When you slow down the light resumes using the battery so the beam doesn't dim or flicker.

      How does the integrated USB charger work?

        The Beacon includes circuitry from our Revolution and Reactor chargers.  The USB output is available from a standard USB-A connector on the back of the light.  Connect your device directly to the USB port, or use a USB extension cable and put the connector anywhere you want.

          Is the USB charger always enabled?

            Yes.  The USB charger is enabled whether the light is on or off.  When the light is off, all the power from the dynamo can be used by the charger.  When the light is in Charger Priority Mode, a small amount of power will first be used by the light and the remainder will be available to the charger.  When the light is in normal (high) mode the charger can be used but performance will be reduced.

              What if I have limited clearance behind the headlight?

                We have space-saving right-angle cables available.  These cables also allow the wires to easily follow the mounting hardware for secure wire management.

                  What is Charger Priority Mode?

                    Other setups with a separate headlight and charger can do both at the same time, but the two devices are not designed to share power from the dynamo - the headlight can dim or flicker, depending on the power used by the charger, and the charger will require a faster speed to make up for the power used by the headlight.
                      Since the Beacon includes both the light and charger, they do a better job of working together.  Using Charger Priority Mode, the headlight will always maintain at least a reduced output - sufficient for a daytime running light or commuting on a lit street or path.  The charger gets priority to all remaining power, meaning your USB device will charge at much lower speeds because only a small, limited amount of power is used by the light.  Once sufficient power is available to the USB device, any additional power from the dynamo will be used by the light.  If your device is unplugged or done charging, all power will go to the light.

                          Can I charge the same battery that I use to power the light?

                          Yes.  Because the connectors on the battery are input only or output only, you'll need to connect two cables - a USB cable from the Beacon USB port to the battery input, and a USB-to-barrel from the battery output to the Beacon barrel connector.

                          You can either leave both cables connected or connect only one at a time, depending on whether you are using the charger or the light.

                          Are there multiple brightness settings?

                            Yes.  With the switch in the 'up' position, the battery will provide full brightness.  With the switch in the 'down' position, the light can be toggled between low and medium brightness.  This can be helpful to extend battery life or for use in situations where less light is desired.
                              When using the dynamo the light output is always maximized.  The brightness settings only affect the power used from the external battery.

                                How bright is the light?

                                  Peak output when using dynamo power is 750 lumens.  A 700c/PV-8 wheel reaches this output at just 13 MPH.
                                    Battery powered output is 600/250/100 for High/Medium/Low.
                                      Dynamo power is optimized at low-to-medium speeds, providing much more light in this range than any other headlight.  The Beacon provides 200 lumens at 5 MPH, 500 lumens at 8 MPH, and 650 lumens at 10 MPH. 

                                            What shape is the beam?

                                              The beam is round/symmetrical.  This makes the Beacon an ideal choice for bikepacking, mountain biking, or any offroad riding.  The Beacon can be used on-road as well.

                                                Can I use a dynamo taillight?

                                                  Yes, the Beacon includes a taillight output wire.  The taillight is controlled by the headlight, turned on and off along with the headlight.
                                                    The Beacon is compatible with taillights that are designed to work directly from the dynamo.  This includes B&M and Schmidt taillights.  Contact us if you'd like information about other taillight options.

                                                      Is there a standlight?

                                                        Yes.  A supercapacitor is charged while riding and will provide more than 5 minutes of "be seen" light when stopped.
                                                          The standlight cannot be turned off - it will continue to illuminate the light, even if the light is switched off.
                                                            If using an external USB battery the light will use the battery and remain at the selected High/Med/Low brightness level indefinitely.
                                                              The supercapacitor is only changed from the dynamo.  The external battery will not charge the supercapacitor.  This is typically preferred as the battery itself provides power when stopped.  It also allows the light to be switched completely off when using only battery power.

                                                                Is the Beacon waterproof?

                                                                  Yes, the Beacon can be used in the rain and can be left outside.

                                                                    How is the Beacon so waterproof with open connectors?

                                                                      Multiple seals on the lens side protect against water ingress.  On the connector side, all connectors are designed for resistance to the elements, and the electronics are potted in epoxy.

                                                                        How do I install the Beacon on my bicycle?

                                                                          The 10mm mounting tab is compatible with mounting hardware from B&M, Supernova, Schmidt, etc.  There are options for mounting to the fork crown, handlebars, fork blade/dropout, front rack, and other locations.

                                                                            Can I install the Beacon upside-down?

                                                                              Yes.  The beam is symmetrical so there will not be any optical problems if the light is mounted upside down.  There is a small drainage hole in both the top and bottom of the light so water ingress will not be a problem.