Gold-Plated Quick-Release Installation

  1. It can help to offset the connectors slightly. Not strictly required, but eliminates the risk of the connectors touching each other:
  2. Cut the Revolution wire where you want to install the connectors. Probably about 3 inches from the charger itself.
  3. Use scissors or clippers to separate the pairs of wires on each side. Separate them for about 1/2 inch.
  4. If you are going to offset the connectors, snip off about 1/8" from one wire on each side.
  5. Cut two 1-inch pieces from the wider piece of heat shrink tubing (the wider one, not the longer one). Pass a piece of tube onto each wire. It can be tricky to get the connectors through the tubing so it's better to put the tubing through first, especially on the wire still connected to the Revolution.
  6. Strip a little bit of insulation off the end of each wire - just enough to fit into the end of the connector.
  7. Solder the connectors on to the wire. If the wires are offset we like to have the female connector farther out, but it doesn't matter much, as long as the opposite connectors are lined up correctly (so you're not stuck with the female farther out on one side and the male farther out on the other). See the picture in the link above.  Tip for the actual soldering:
    1. Melt enough solder to fill up the solder cup at the end of the connector about 1/2 full.
    2. Melt some solder onto the end of the wire. Try to make sure there aren't any stray stands.
    3. Heat up the solder in the connector (which has solidified at this point). Once it melts, stick in the solder-covered wire so the solder on the wire melts as well. Once it's in position, remove the iron and hold the wire in place until the solder solidifies (a second or two).
    4. We find that this method reduces the amount of solder that may get on the outside of the connector or cold solder joints on the wire.
  8. Cut off bits of the smaller diameter shrink tubing. Pass that over the connector. For the female connector, enough to go from the insulation to the end of the connector. For the male connector, enough to go from the insulation to where the female connector will sit (again, see picture).
  9. Apply heat to shrink the tubing.  A hair dryer isn't always hot enough but a match or lighter does a great job.
  10. Slide the larger tubing over the connectors to hold them together. This piece shouldn't be covering anything conductive (the smaller tubing covers that) but will add some structural strength to the connectors.
  11. Apply heat to shrink the tubing.