About Us

Sinewave Cycles designs high quality, innovative accessories for cyclists in Cambridge, MA.

All Sinewave products are manufactured in the USA.

The Sinewave Cycles Team:


Favorite Bike: Co-Motion Nor'Wester Tour
Favorite Local Ride: Great Blue Hill access road

Dave is the electrical engineer on the Sinewave team. His Sinewave inspiration comes from several unsupported bike tours, most recently riding solo across the US in 2011, Highway 50 in Nevada in 2012, and Calgary to Vancouver in 2013. Struggling to keep his smartphone charged while relying on it for maps, communication, and taking photos in the middle of nowhere highlighted the need for the Sinewave Cycles Revolution.



  Favorite Bike: Salsa Mukluk
  Favorite Local Ride: Anything with rocks in the way

Tim is the mechanical engineer on the Sinewave team.  Do you like the small size of our products?  Think they're super-easy to mount to your bike?  It's thanks to Tim!



  Favorite Bike: Bianchi Volpe
  Favorite Ride: Crow Valley Road, Orcas Island, WA

Alicia is our social media expert and reigning trade show champion.