9000km and counting

January 19, 2015

An excerpt of a full gear review from BikeHikeSafari.com:

Electrical charging

The most common question I have received is in regards to the front dynohub and how I charge my electrical gear. I use a Son Schmidt Dynohub which powers my front headlight and was also conected to the Sinewave Revolution USB charger and the PowerGen 12000Mha Battery. With this combination and when cycling at speeds of about 15km/h it charges my phone at the same speed as mains power. When traveling slower it still charges ok but not as quick. When I’m not charging my phone directly I charge a PowerGen 12000Mha battery, I use this to charge up my GPS every night as well as all my other USB devices such as my Kindle, headlamp, steripen, etc. I charge my computer off mains power as I travel. Places such as fast food restaurants, coffee shops, RVers who let me charge on their power etc. I started this tour with the Pedalpower plus system. It was poor quality and continually failed me, I was not overly impressed. So far, after about 9000km the Sinewave Revolution has exceeded my expectations. I am very happy. The PowerGen battery is just a cheap battery I bought on EBay, it works fine and holds more than enough charge for extended cycle touring when used in combination with the Sinewave Revolution.

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