Sinewave Cycles Revolution

Sinewave Cycles Revolution

$120.00 USD

The Sinewave Cycles Revolution is a bicycle dynamo powered USB charger. It converts electricity generated by hub and bottle dynamos to USB output. The Revolution allows users to charge USB-powered devices while riding.

The Revolution is made in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions

Dynamo/Generator Help 

      Bicycle touring
      Green/Portable Electricity for USB Powered Devices
      Power USB Battery Chargers or External USB Power Packs
      Emergency Power Source
      Navigation while riding
      Music while riding  

      Best in class efficiency
      High Speed Overload Protection
      Simple Installation
      Light weight
      Shock and vibration toughened
      Gold-plated USB connector won't rust or corrode

      Starts charging at 3.5 MPH (5.5 km/h)
      Full charging at 9 MPH (14.4km/h)
      Max current: 1 Amp
      Weight: 37 grams
      Dimensions: 14x35x54 mm
      Wire length: 36" (91 cm) (contact us if your setup requires a longer wire)
       Wire ends: Stripped wire

      1 year